I buy my leather from BEHUMANE because I believe in treating animals with kindness.

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We went into countless stores and not one could tell us where their leather comes from. If you’re selling something, shouldn’t you know where it comes from? We think so. And so it got us thinking. How can we expect consumers to make better choices if there aren’t better choices on the shelves? And how can designers be held accountable for responsible sourcing if they can’t choose where their leather comes from? 

But wait, if there are responsible farmers giving us better choices when it comes to our food, then why can’t we have these same choices when it comes to fashion? Well we can and we should.

So we created a new type of supply chain. Built with forward thinking companies that agree the future should be more transparent. That means when you see the BEHUMANE stamp, you can rest assured your purchase is supporting the things you care about. Farmers that go the extra mile to take better care of us, our animals, and our planet. Now you have a choice you can feel good about. That you can be proud of. 

We are your badge of honor

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I grew up on my grandfather’s dairy farm in rural NE Iowa. Instead of collecting barbies, I collected little miniature John Deere tractors. Ironically, at 16 I represented the US in an international modeling competition. After working as a fashion model in New York, I eventually became a tv host in Los Angeles. Over the years, it’s been heartbreaking to watch what’s happened to small farmers, like my grandpa. Seeing what was once a countryside speckled in small family farms, become abandoned farm houses with torn down barns and fields plowed up to the foundations. Meanwhile, watching consumers demand more and more from the food industry, I recognized the potential to bring that same unstoppable movement to fashion and to connect my two worlds in a way that has never been done before. A new way of rewarding responsible farmers while giving consumers the knowledge they deserve and the power to support what they believe in.


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