The only leather that guarantees the protection of our animals and our environment.

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In order to understand how we’re different, it helps to first understand how things have worked in the leather industry … for a really long time.


Farmers take their animals to a meat processor. Because farmers don’t have any options for their hides, the processor gives them a discount on their bill in exchange. The meat processor then sells the hides to a hide processor. The hide processor then sells the hides to a tannery who then turns them into leather and sells them. And in between every one of those steps a leather broker may be involved.

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But we think farmers should have a choice in where their hides go and how they are used. So we created a different kind of supply chain. We start by working directly with farmers that have been leading the charge in the food industry with high animal welfare, environmental, and agricultural standards.

Then we turn to the fashion industry. To brands who are leaders in sustainability, committed to bringing their consumers transparency and traceability, and we offer them a more responsible choice when it comes to leather.

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That brings us to you. The consumer. You have the power. And now you have a choice. Choose to BEHUMANE.


If you want to work with us we want to work with you!